An Introduction to Pygeon!

Author: Brett Kim
September 22, 2020

Hello and welcome to Pygeon! Pygeon is a mobile app for kids that teaches Python via a role- playing adventure game. Learning to program is becoming more important in an ever sophisticated world. Programming is already considered by some the new second language. Those who understand python are in high demand. Why not cultivate a lifelong understanding and passion for programming early? Pygeon will help your child understand Python and what it means to program in an exciting and accessible way!

Pygeon @ BridgeHacks 2020

Author: Brett Kim
September 7, 2020

"Programming has gone from a niche specialty in schools to a field taught widely in schools across the world. The phrase “programming is the new literacy” has become more and more relevant as parts of our everyday life come into contact with artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. However, unlike literacy, whose learning process comes with interesting tales and stories made for children, programming can be a tough concept for kids to grasp. Many resources contain math above their level, confusing vernacular, and boring lessons. Remember FizzBuzz?"

Pygeon was awarded the Best Mobile App at the Bridgehacks 2020 competition out of 326 participants! Our app featured five units of content, code battles, and a completed quest at end. Check our full project out on Devpost.

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